How to Detect Whether the Lithium Battery Reaches the Specified Safety Index

Time: 2018-06-28 09:06:09

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How to detect whether the lithium battery reaches the specified safety index

Withthe development of science and technology, lithium batteries havebecome more and more widely used in various industries, from electronicwatches and mobile phones to laptops and automobiles. However,in the process of using lithium batteries, we will also encounter somesecurity risks. For example: The lithium battery on the mobile phoneexplodes, or because we use it improperly, or the quality of the lithiumbattery itself is unqualified. Lithiumbatteries must pass safety tests such as overcharge, short circuit,acupuncture, squeezing, and heavy impact. If the lithium battery doesnot catch fire or explode, it means that such a lithium battery is aqualified product, and vice versa. The key is how to detect whether the lithium battery reaches the specified safety index?

The following can be detected in three ways:

Thefirst way is to vigorously squeeze the test battery that is fullycharged and put on the testing plane of the tester first, then use thehydraulic cylinder to apply 13+1KN compression force, and finally pressthe battery plane with a diameter of 32mm steel rod, Ifthe lithium battery can withstand the maximum pressure and there is noexplosion and fire, then the lithium battery product is qualified.

Method2: Heavy object impact After the battery to be tested is fully charged,it is placed on the testing plane of the testing machine. A steelcolumn with a diameter of 15.8 mm is vertically placed in the center ofthe battery, and a weight of 9.1 kg is free to fall from a height of 610mm. The steel column above the battery. The battery does not catch fire or explode.

Method3: Overcharge test The so-called overcharge test is actually testingwhether the internal stability of a lithium battery is stable. Themethod is very simple. First, the battery is fully charged with 1C, andthen 3C is overcharged with 10V for overcharge test. When the battery isovercharged, the voltage is overcharged. Whenthe voltage rises to a certain voltage, the battery voltage stabilizesfor a certain period of time. When the voltage rises to a certain limit,the battery high-cap breaks and the voltage drops to 0V. Duringthis process, the lithium battery did not explode and catch fire,indicating that the lithium battery is a qualified product.




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