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Lithium Battery Works

Time: 2018-06-28 09:05:01

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Lithium battery works

Carbonmaterials for the negative electrode, lithium compounds for thepositive electrode of lithium-ion batteries, in the charging anddischarging process, there is no metal lithium, as long as the lithiumion, which is a lithium-ion battery. Whenthe battery is charged, lithium ions are generated on the positiveelectrode of the battery, and the generated lithium ions move to thenegative electrode through the electrolyte. Thecarbon used as a negative electrode is a layered structure. It has manymicropores, and lithium ions reaching the negative electrode areembedded in the micropores of the carbon layer. The more lithium ionsare embedded, the higher the charging capacity.
Inthe same way, when the battery is discharged (ie, we use the battery),the lithium ions embedded in the negative carbon layer come out and moveback to the positive electrode. The more lithium ions returning to the positive electrode, the higher the discharge capacity. The battery capacity we generally refer to is the discharge capacity.
Norecall effect is also an outstanding advantage of lithium-ionbatteries, which is not available in other secondary batteries.Lithium-ion batteries do not need to care whether the electricitybetween them has been used up before charging. The biggest characteristic of lithium batteries is higher specific energy.
Thegeneral lithium-ion battery charging current is set between 0.2C and1C. The greater the current, the faster the charging, and the greaterthe battery heating. Also,excessive current charging, the capacity is not sufficient, due to thedemand for electrochemical reactions inside the battery. Just like pouring beer, if you pour it too quickly, you will get a bubble and you will not be full.

Lithium Battery Works
Lithium battery works
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