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Why the Battery Has Less Electricity for Longer

Time: 2018-06-28 08:56:39

Author: Shenzhen X-RaTong Technology Co., LTD

From: Shenzhen X-RaTong Tehchnology Co., LTD


Why the battery has less electricity for longer

Thedurability of the battery has always been very confusing forresearchers, because no matter how much the battery capacity, if you cannot repeat multiple times it does not make sense. We all know that lithium batteries will reduce capacity as they are used, but no one has ever known why. Recently, the U.S. energy agency discovered the cause of battery aging: nano-sized crystals.
Scholarshave carefully studied the materials of cathode and anode of modernbatteries. They found that these materials are directly corroded duringuse, but the mechanism of corrosion has not yet been clarified. Theteam at Brookhaven National Laboratory observed high-qualitynickel-oxygen cathodes by transmission electron microscopy and recordedtheir changes during repeated charge and discharge.
Thisexperiment shows that when lithium ions pass through the anode andcathode, they will “snap” in the ion channels. They will react withnickel oxides and generate tiny crystals. Thesecrystals can change the internal structure of the battery and makeother ions unable to react efficiently, thereby reducing the availablebattery capacity. Surprisingly, such weakness is random and there is no law at all.
The reason why lithium batteries are not perfect is that the components of the battery are not perfect. No matter how much we pay attention to the structure of the cathode and anode, tiny damage will produce crystals. Just like when water is boiled, uneven surfaces make it easier for hot water to bubble up. It can be said that as long as the battery material is notched, nanocrystals will be produced.
The U.S. Energy Agency also initiated a second study to explore the impact of charging speed on battery capacity. They found that modern batteries are getting smaller and smaller, which in turn will reduce the battery life. The larger the volume of the battery, the faster the charging speed and the slower the formation of nanocrystals.

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Why the Battery Has Less Electricity for Longer
Why the battery has less electricity for longer
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